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I'm glad you've found my website, and I hope you've found what I write to be somewhat interesting! I found myself really wanting to write about certain topics like programming, music, and a bit of personal things I find not too many people openly talking about.

My name is Sean Clayton. I was born in Vacaville, California and raised in good ol' Bardstown, Kentucky until I was 20, which then I moved to Louisville, Kentucky. I've resided in several places since then, but I like to think that Louisville, Kentucky is my true home.

As far as family goes, I have my mom and dad, a brother older than me by three years, and a younger sister I'm older than by less than one year. I also have a wonderful pet Beagle/Basset Hound named Roscoe.

You can also find me on a lot of places on the internet! Listed below are the accounts I have on various internet sites:

Roscoe, my pet dog.